Graphite rods

A line of some models of graphite rods developed and assembled with the best components available on the market.

The blank a high modulus shaft gives the tool absolute lightness and reactivity. They are perfect tools for a modern cast but also a delicacy for pose the fly.

ModelsLine wgt
7’6″4 piece2
7’9″4 piece3
8’6″4 piece3
9′4 piece4
9′4 piece5
10′4 piece2
10′4 piece3
All rods can be customized to your choice.
  • 7’6″ #2 and 7’9″#3 Developed for fishing in small waters; fast, precise and light. Fit perfectly for our Italian casting technique. Which involves the use of light lines projected at high speed with delicate presentations.

  • 8’6″ #3 For wider rivers but also in torrents used both in speed and in a more classic casting way., this rod is the right choice. Light, fast, precise but with a length that helps long cast and catching big fish.

  • 9′ #4 Are you a lover of small dry flies, do you prefer the use of long tapered leaders, are your fishing spots the big river or a historic chalk stream? Here you are. This is your ideal tool. Light, parabolic action, sweet in the presentation of small imitations but powerful to fight big fish without problems.

  • 9’#5 From dry fly fishing on larger rivers, to small streamers, the 5 weight will provide the classic feel of an all-round rod adding more precision and line control and a no-win big fish fight.

  • 10’#2 This new rod has been specifically designed for the European nymph technique. A responsive, light but sensitive blank. Its refined action is designed with a variety of long or short line techniques and situations in mind. Allowing you to fish safely and effectively any stretch both in the big river and in the stream.

  • 10’#3 Like the previous model but for heavier fishing.