Bamboo rods

I vividly remember one of my first bamboo rods that I built over 20 years ago.

Many years have passed and I have had a lot of experience building them.

I have also developed some of my own tapers dedicated to fishing and more modern casting. Honored to offer my client a refined, high-performance tool full of history and beauty.

ModelsLine wgt
6’6″ 2 piece with extra mirror tip3
7′ 2 piecewith extra mirror tip4
7’6″ 2 piecewith extra mirror tip4 or 5
All rods can be customized to your choice.
  • 6’6″ #3 This is the perfect size for the small mountain stream. A short, responsive tool that helps in casting in places full of vegetation. Delicate and sensitive in catching fish.
  • 7′ #4 I have designed this series of rods which are perfectly suited for dry flies. With its progressive parabolic action, it can also be used with modern casting techniques. Sensitive and light but with a reserve of power to fight even good size fish.
  • 7’6″ #4 or #5 The longest rod in the series. Powerful and sensitive that makes you love a relaxing cast. The ideal dry fly river tackle without worrying about hooking trophy fish.